The Story Begins

Looking out over his ranch in Garzón, Uruguay, Alejandro Bulgheroni caught sight of a hillside ideal for the green energy technology planned for his agricultural estate. Confident, he bought the hillside without setting foot on the site. Months later, Alejandro walked the land for the first time and stood on its stony, ballast soils. He sensed the hillside had a magical quality and knew he had to give it a new purpose. Alejandro asked his team to study the soil, and although vines had never been planted in the region, the team reported the site was among the best in Uruguay for cultivating grapes. Despite the risk, Alejandro planted his first vineyard blocks and launched Bodega Garzón, his initial venture in the wine business.

A lifelong rancher, Alejandro quickly developed an interest in the profound connection between wine and land. Following his new passion, he became a partner in the celebrated Vistalba winery in Mendoza, founded by Carlos Pulenta. Alejandro added estates in Tuscany, Bordeaux, California and Australia as well as additional properties in Mendoza to build a select portfolio of winegrowing estates emblematic of their terroir.

In 2014, he came to Napa Valley to craft a classic Cabernet Sauvignon.

Validating Your Wine